The Real Bloody Fox


The Real Bloody Fox Breakout Tour 2022
 This trip has been on my bucket list for one and a half years. After it had been delayed for another three months, I was about to cancel it altogether. But one morning I woke up, locked my door and left, because life is NOW!


See the first episode here!




Cusihuiriachi - Chasing chickens in "abandoned" Chihuahua mining town
 Cusihuiriachi or "Cusi" for short, is an old mining town that, at its peak, had almost 1800 inhabitants - according to a 2010 census this number decreased to a mere 63 souls.


Although not a ghost town per se, there are plenty of derelict buildings around.
Some are freely accessible and who am I to say no?😅




Cuauhtémoc, Anáhuac, San Andrés - Riding the back roads of Chihuahua.
 Yesterday I went exploring the surroundings for the first time since moving to the state of Chihuahua and ended up in some very nice places.


Why did I ditch the Caribbean to live HERE???
New city, new camera, new video. Even the locals don't understand why I ditched the Caribbean to move to THIS place.
I have plenty of reasons, however. See for yourself...


This abandoned pyramid is located right at one of the most amazing beaches in Playa del Carmen in the Mexican Caribbean. Hidden in plain sight and sheltered by one big holiday resort on either side of it.


This former “Gentlemen’s Club” is located right outside of Playa del Carmen, Mexico. 
By the looks of it and the fact that there is nothing to be found about it online, it likely dates back to a time before Yelp, Google Reviews and maybe even before the internet altogether.