The Real Bloody Fox

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Around 2009 I started growing chillies for the first time and, living in Spain, in 2011 I started creating my own hot sauces, selling them mostly to friends and colleagues under the name Bloody Fox Hot Sauces.


About a decade later, I finally took the next step in labelling my sauces and selling them in stores and at events.


Bloody Fox Hot Sauces is now part of Bloody Fox Foods - craft beers and much more coming soon!




Sweet Mother of Fuck


Which expression the name for this explosion of exotic flavours is derived from should be quite self-explanatory.


Created in 2012 during my time in Southern Spain, inspired by a sweet life by the beach and over 300 days of sunshine per year, this is one of my earliest recipes.


Flavour Profile:


Mango, pineapple, peach and habanero.


Sweet Mother of Fuck - everyone’s favourite on chocolate ice cream.


Yes, seriously!


Check out this review by Mr. Friz in 2013!






Glesga Kiss


As a former self-proclaimed Scotsman, Glasgow was the first place in the world I ever felt home.


A ‘Glasgow kiss’ or ‘Glesga Kiss’ in local accent, is a colloquial term for a headbutt.


Although actually to be found on the lower end of the heat spectrum, the idea is that ‘Glesga kiss is gawny knock ye oot!’ (Glasgow kiss will knock you out!)





Alien Attack


With strong heat, strong flavour and an even stronger colour, this sauce reminded me of a ‘green man from mars’ and left me only one choice for a name - AlienAttack.


Flavour Profile:


Garlic, Curry, Habanero