The Real Bloody Fox


This “Gentlemen’s Club” is located right outside of Playa del Carmen, Mexico.


By the looks of it and the fact that there is nothing to be found about it online, it likely dates back to a time before Yelp, Google Reviews and maybe even before the internet altogether.


The natural deterioration and the way everything is overgrown also speak a quite clear language.




Right, let's go inside...




Ok, right upon entry there literally is old and dirty but pretty sexy underwear everywhere! Looking at all the graffiti and empty bottles, it is fairly obvious that people still go in there and party and do who knows what after… But could those be remnants of the days this place was operational? What do you think?










This must have been the DJ Pod



I'm sure this bar was part of the reason the place closed in the end - the service was absolutely terrible!





Those benches sure have seen better days and probably were way more comfortable back in the day...



...but hey, if you need a rest you need a rest!



Look at his place! I would love to save it and make something else out of it...



On the outside mother nature is slowly taking back what's righfully hers... I wonder what the garden looked like back in the day.



I see a lot of detail in this but I am pretty sure this has been brought here after the place closed its gates for good.



Ok, let's follow the evacuation route...



... and get out of here!



Thanks for reading - more details to be found in my video!