The Real Bloody Fox

About me



I'm a man with many passions


I have always been an extreme person and managed to turn the things I was passionate about into a lifestyle.


Travelling, Producing Hot Sauces, Brewing Beer and randomly moving to another country in a 23 year old convertible, just to name a few. In late 2021 I added Urban Exploration to the list.


Unable to decide which one I wanted to pursue next, I created the Bloody Fox Universe and decided to unite them all under one brand.




The Bloody Fox Universe

The following are the components that make up the Bloody Fox Universe

Adventuring & Exploring


I need a good amount of Adventure and Mystery in my life and I found Urban Exploration the perfect hobby that unites both - check out my videos on YouTube.

Hot Sauces & Beers


I have been producing my own hot sauces and other chilli products since 2010 and later on added home brewing to my repertoire.

Abandoned Real Estate


Related to my Urban Exploring I made it my mission to save some of these amazing old buildings and give them new life.